Capi Cabrera

Espera Interna
The creative processes related to abstraction and non-referential mechanisms allow Capi Cabrera to find a way of expression, a language, a game to search for coherence between pictorial and experiential processes.

Concepts such as chance and serendipity are embraced as a method to approach the process; an attempt to get away from the idea of the result as something planned and projected.

The trace as gestural extension of the body; the emptiness as a generator of transformations; the brightness and the light; all these features make the process becomes one of the main values ??for his work, as a result of that creative development.

Capi Cabrera´s work balances between the contrast of industrial materials with superficial finishes such as acetate, methacrylate or rubber and the warmth of the gesture and its expression. The use of these materials and the possibility of transformation imply a detachment from the final image of the work. The value and the importance of the processes and the investigation clearly predominates in his work and are for him more important than the final result. Being impossible to understand the painting without waiting.

Pintura y espera

Jul. 06 2018

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