Ciuco Gutiérrez

Decorada 2015
Perros 2015
El peso 2015
Cristal 2015
Torrelavega (Cantabria), 1956


Ciuco Gutiérrez took his first photographs at the age of thirteen. He bursted in Madrid's photographic sphere with atypical images that had a synthetic visual language based on aggressive color and irony.

His compositions didn't leave anyone indifferent: neither were they disregarded nor loved. Three years later, his first solo exhibition at Galería Moriarty in Madrid and since then, his exhibitions have traveled abroad and around Spain. He has been one of the first photographers, as Ouka Leele, Alberto García Alix, Javier Vallhonrat and Joan Fontcuberta that opened generalist galleries to photography and exhibited his artworks in ARCO. The main issues of his works are dramatize landscapes and oneiric still life, which are part of his own emotional and intimate imaginary. His artworks have a narrative component based on semantic language around paradox and metaphor. 


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